Truss Identification Signs

SpeedySafetySigns is a specialist when it comes to providing clients with truss identification signs. These signs are labels for firefighter’s safety and will enable them to know what type of construction was used when the building was constructed. It will warn the firefighters about the potential collapse of the building and help them to decide whether they can safely enter the building or not. These signs are designed so that they can protect the firefighters. Truss identification signs have white reflective background with bold red border. We offer these signs at a reasonable price so you can easily afford it without spending too much money. Are you interested in purchasing a truss sign? Then just make it a point to visit us without giving a second thought. We offer you a truss sign which will aptly meet your needs in most competent manner. Our truss signs are available in both aluminum and easy-to-apply versions. The aluminum signs have rounded corners and pre-punched holes. These signs are very helpful to firefighters during the rescue operations. You can choose wording and material as per your requirement when you purchase truss sign from us. So, what are you still waiting for? Call us now and order your truss sign without giving a second thought.